About me

Hi, I’m Rusty. This is my corner of the web where I’ll share what I’m thinking about. I don’t write often because I’m more focused on quality rather than quantity. I’ll try to make everything here reasonably useful.

Yes indeed, I've seen the East River off of Manhattan.

Here I am looking towards Brooklyn.

I’ve lived in a few places and travelled to quite a few others. I’ve even been all the way around the world. That itself does not make what I write particularly interesting, because almost everyone loves to travel if they can. But what all this has done is give me wider perspective.

So you can better understand where I’m coming from here are places I’ve lived long enough to know something about:

  • New Jersey
  • Montana
  • New York City
  • Savannah

I have a career in technology, an education in Computer Science and have applied that education in many varied ways. If you’re interested in learning about my professional experience here is my resume.